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A red house with two garages. The garage dooes are made out of wood.

Both wood and steel garage doors provide homeowners with an elegant and luxurious appeal that takes their garages to a whole new level. But while these doors are great options, they are also very different from each other in terms of texture, look, and feel. So which door is right for you, and how can a homeowner decide between wood and steel? We’ll break down the perks of each door to give you a greater insight into the option that best fits your desired garage aesthetic.

Wood Garage Doors

Wood garage doors are one of the most natural and beautiful options for homeowners. From sectional wood doors to classic swing-open carriage doors, wood options give a rustic feel while mixing in modern elements that create an aesthetic unique to your home. 

Today’s wood garage doors are long-lasting and affordable options, allowing homeowners to remake the entire feel of their garage at a cost that’s not exorbitant. In addition to sectional and carriage doors, wood options include solid panel and raised panel doors. They can also be made from reclaimed wood, composite, plywood, and cedar. 

Steel Garage Doors

Steel garage doors combine various designs into a beautiful spectacle. These doors come in carriage-style, louver, and raised panel or long panel designs and are perfect for homeowners searching for an option with little to no maintenance requirements. You can even customize your steel door with various windows to give it a fascinating look that complements your home and adds to the curb appeal. 

What Are the Pros of a Wood Garage Door?

Why should you choose a wood garage door? Wood doors pop, giving eyes an immediate attraction. Anyone passing by your home will notice the beauty of your wood, and there aren’t many other options on the market with the creativity of wood doors. We’ll explore some more wood garage door pros below.

It Starts With the Appearance

There’s something timeless about a well-designed wooden garage door. Other materials can’t compete with the natural elegance and beauty wood garage doors provide, making it a fascinating option for homeowners looking to stand out from the crowd.

Longevity and Durability

It doesn’t stop at appearance, either, as wood doors give homeowners a product that lasts long and can withstand the elements of the outdoors. Wood doors are well put together with a sturdy frame and strong panels. Best of all, wood doors repel scratches easily, and damaged panels can be easily replaced without tearing apart the entire door.

Energy Efficiency

If you’re active in the garage, the last thing you want is for your HVAC system to work extra hard to keep things warm or cool. Fortunately, wood doors come with several layers of insulation, providing protection against the roughest exterior temperatures.

What Are the Pros of a Steel Garage Door?

Don’t overlook steel garage doors. One of the strongest materials on the market, steel doors are a unique look that ensures safety for your garage. There’s a reason homeowners are turning to steel doors more often than not, so let’s dive into more of the benefits of this garage door material. 


By far the most durable type of garage door, steel doors drastically reduce those garage door repair calls. Steel doors won’t warp, blister, or peel, and they require extremely heavy forces to make a dent in the door. Most steel doors are also outfitted with a polyester coating on the outside to keep away rust and corrosion. When purchasing a steel door, homeowners can rest easy knowing they’re getting the strongest door possible.

Safety and Security

With that strength comes safety and security. The primary purpose of a garage door is to protect your property, and steel doors are by far the best option for this. There’s a reason commercial locations trust steel doors to house their appliances. This thick material easily prevents break-ins and wandering eyes while improving the curb appeal of your home.

Top-Tier Insulation

Steel doors require little maintenance while also providing insulation that lasts a lifetime. Garage doors are the main entryway into your home, so why not make sure it provides the best protection? Because steel doors are so thick, wind, rain, and varying temperatures have little chance of entering your home. This allows homeowners to use their garages in various ways, from home offices to spaces to work on their cars.

Deciding Between Garage Doors? Fawley Overhead Door Inc. Can Help!

There are plenty of perks to getting a new garage door, but the last thing you want to do is choose a type out of the blue. But how can you decide between wood, steel, and the other quality options on the market? Start by turning to Fawley Overhead Door Inc. for your door installation in Kalamazoo, Michigan, and the surrounding areas. We’ll walk you through each option and make the decision process a simple one for every homeowner. Contact us today and get in touch with our team!

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