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Garage Door Repair Services in Southwest Michigan

Almost every residential home has a garage, which means that your home will eventually need garage door repair. Garage door problems don’t wait — they can strike at any time. So when your door has a problem, your best course of action is to have a garage door company in mind to call.

Don’t waste your time with anyone else; call Fawley Overhead Door! Anytime you contact Fawley Overhead Door for service, you can expect:

  • Highly trained service technicians
  • Fully stocked fleet of service trucks
  • Flexible scheduling
  • A standard 21-point garage door check
  • Upfront pricing
  • Amazing customer service!

That’s the Fawley Door Difference! Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about our garage door repair work.

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Serving Southwest Michigan For Over 40 Years!

Fawley Overhead Door is proud to employ Southwest Michigan’s best residential garage door repair experts! We provide garage door repair throughout MI, including in the following locations:

  • Kalamazoo County
  • Van Buren County
  • St Joseph County

Garage Door Cable Repair in Southwest Michigan

Your garage door cables work hard each and every day. However, by their very nature, they aren’t as hardy and long-lasting as your door itself. Eventually, you’ll need garage door cable repair or replacement. If you notice your door is struggling to open, your cables probably need attention. If you’re dealing with drooping or fraying cables, give us a call for garage door repair ASAP!

Garage Door Track Repair in Southwest Michigan

A damaged garage door track can cause your whole day to be, well, thrown off track! It inconveniences everyone in the home and creates a serious safety hazard. Contact our technicians for prompt garage door track repair.

In some cases where your track is excessively damaged or very old, garage door track replacement may be necessary. If we recommend garage door track replacement, we’ll always keep you informed of your options and the expected repair costs.

Garage Door Panel Repair in Southwest Michigan

Sometimes, our customers mistakenly assume that garage door panel repair is only about preserving the aesthetics of their home. While a home needing garage door panel repair definitely loses some curb appeal, the actual reason it’s so important is that your garage door panels are vital to your home’s security and privacy. Don’t wait to get that broken panel patched up! We’ll be there quickly to help you out.

Garage Door Roller Replacement in Southwest Michigan

Does your garage door sound like a banshee? Sometimes, faulty rollers can be the reason your door is making that unpleasant racket. Garage door roller replacement will banish that banshee from your garage!

Garage Door Panel Replacement in Southwest Michigan

If your garage door’s panels are too damaged to be safely repaired, garage door panel replacement may be a better option. We can work with you to match the style and material of your current door or help you choose something entirely new.

Garage Door Seal Repair in Southwest Michigan

Garage door seal repair is an important procedure because your door’s seal not only protects and cushions your door but also keeps Mother Nature out of your garage, too! Whatever the reason your seal is broken, we’ll install a brand-new one for you. You’ll see the difference in your energy bills right away.

Signs You Need Garage Door Repair

Wondering if your door has an issue that requires repair? Watch out for these common “garage door red flags:”

Broken or Squeaky Garage Door Rollers

If you have broken or squeaky garage door rollers, they may simply need to be lubricated. However, sometimes they’re a symptom of a large problem with your door. Contact us for inspection, and we’ll get to the bottom of the mystery.

Damaged Garage Door Track

Because your door needs a fully functional track to operate correctly, track damage is nothing to play around with. A bent, dented, or rusty track is a serious sign that you’re overdue for garage door repair.

Broken Garage Door Seal

A prematurely broken garage door seal can indicate your door has been installed incorrectly — or you’re dealing with pests chewing on your door. It’s time for garage door repair before the problem gets worse!

Garage Door Won’t Close or Open

If your garage door won’t close or open, you likely need garage door cable replacement, track repair, or another important repair procedure. Before you get stuck in an unpleasant situation, reach out to us and schedule service.

Our Other Services

Fawley Overhead Door is also proud to provide Southwestern MI with other overhead garage door services, including

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From Kalamazoo County to Van Buren County to St Joseph County, MI, and beyond, our family of technicians is here to help your family get back to your everyday lives. Contact us today to book garage door repair or another garage door service. We’re always ready to help you with anything you need, so never hesitate to get in touch!

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